Monday, May 13, 2013

Proposed Race Schedule

I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the races I want to do so I'm definitely thinking I need to keep them all in a central spot.  Quick post cause tons to do and just got back from Crossfit.  (race report from this weekend coming later this week sometime after I clone myself)

  • 10/13 Chicago Marathon *
    11/10 Fort Lauderdale Half *

    11/24 St. Pete Womens Half *
    12/1 Space Coast Half
    12/7 OUC Half
    12/8 Palm Beaches Half
    12/15 Mt Dora Half *
    1/26 Celebration Half
    2/8 Ragnar Relay Key West * 
    2/21-2/23 Gasparilla Races 
    3/9 Miami Beach Half
    3/16 Sarasota Half * 

    * Paid for.

    some of these races might turn into fulls if I feel like once I do my first I can handle a second and third consecutively for entrance into the Marathon Maniacs.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Running in my birthday suit

I first heard about running with nothing on but a great big smile from one of my absolute favorite Florida bloggers, Meghann of Meals and Miles Naked 5k Race Report.  I thought at first it was just too crazy to comprehend.  I'm not a prude, in the slightest, but am a big believer of less is more when it comes to baring skin.  I don't even run in just a sports bra I always feel the need to have a tank on to cover the jiggle, but I started hunting around and saw that the next clothing optional race would be on my birthday weekend.  I thought right then and there...I have to do it.  I'm not getting younger and I want to be able to say I "did it" not just this race, but most things.  I have a bucket list that is a mile long mainly because if its out there in this great big world I want to do it.  So with feelings of nausea I signed up for the Caliente Bare Dare.  I then posted it on facebook because I felt I had to "put it out there" or I would chicken out.  I signed up months beforehand though and didn't think much of it.

Naked 5k Running Gear

Well as the race neared I started to get REALLY nervous.  What in the world had I gotten myself into?  We live on the opposite coast of Florida where the race takes place, but luckily my father in law lives within 10 minutes of the Caliente Resort.  I packed my bag consisting of sunscreen, OFF (it had rained all week), shoes, socks, body glide, and a hair tie.  On second thought I threw in a visor and was really glad I did, I generally always do my runs with hats or visors so it was nice to have that on race day.  On Sunday morning I woke up WAY before my alarm because it officially had set in that in a few hours I was going to be showing my "ass"ets to complete strangers.  My hubby who doesn't miss my races was coming along with me.  Bless his ULTRA conservative heart this is beyond his comfort zone.  I prepared much like I would for a regular race, walked the pupster, got dressed I wore a running outfit in case I wimped out of shorts, tank, and a sports bra.  The day was uncharacteristically chilly for Florida, but I can't complain that makes for great running weather.  We drove through the gate of the resort and the first person I saw running for their warm up was fully clothed...phew.  The next person...naked as a jaybird.  I'm not going to lie, I was immediately uncomfortable and giggled in an awkward HOLY SHIZNIT! THIS IS REAL!  We parked and there were a lot of runners arriving some walking around clothed and some not.  I decided I had to take baby steps.  I walked over to registration to pick up my race packet in my running gear.  Along the way I saw every body shape imaginable, but the girl that was picking up her packet right before me looked like a playboy centerfold.  Suffice to say I look NOTHING like a playboy centerfold.  ::gulp:: I grabbed my bag with no race bib (obviously) and went to the clubhouse to use the restroom.  The clubhouse just like the grounds were SWANK!!!!!!!  I then walked back to the car with the hubby and warmed up a bit with butt kicks and high knees, lots of runners were warming up because of how cold it was.

I looked at my watch and knew it was time...I had to get to the start line.  I took off my tank, sports bra and knew it was it...I had committed....took off my shorts and threw them in the car.  My hubby (fully clothed) walked up with me to the start line.  Along the way he REALLY helped me keep my confidence up by telling me that he thought I was really awesome and brave (he rocks doesn't he?) I got to the start line and much like regular races they had the national anthem and then it was a go.  The first quarter mile was hard because there was soooo much congestion and how do you pass someone when they are naked in tight quarters? You don't, finally the crowd started thinning out and people spread out.  I realized that not only was I running naked, but that it felt completely 100% normal and natural.  The grounds and course were beautiful so very much like any other race I started checking out the course and feeling that happy high to be out and running on a beautiful day.  I was hoping to be at the front of the pack because for some reason I thought that nude racers would be slower.  I was wrong.  VERY wrong, the lead was wrapping up mile 2 while I was just finishing up mile 1.  The lead male finished the race in 16:25 WOWZA!

Not once in the race did I feel too fat, out of shape, jiggly to be running naked.  I am jiggly, but it wasn't in my thought process that race, not once did it feel seedy, pervy, or gross.  It truly felt like all of the other races I've been to, great sense of community with lots of fun, fantastic people.  These people just happen to save a lot of money on running gear.

The mini bottle of wine was only for the top 25, which did not include me.  :(  boo

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crossfittin' and Updatin'

So my cross training of choice in December became boot camp.  It was AWESOME.  The coach was no nonsense ex-Marine and he pushed me every single time.  I loved the class, but he had to cancel evening classes.  About a week before he told me he was going to cancel evening classes I had decided to talk to him to see if he would consider letting me do lower reps, but higher weights on certain exercises. Which is more of a crossfit approach.  So when he told me that he had to cancel evening classes I started looking into crossfit.  I found a box near my job and went to try them out with a baseline workout.  It felt very weird, not the workout, but I just felt out of place.  Everyone was super nice, but there is a lot of terminology and equipment I'm not aware of or have ever used.  I previously did compound lifts with stronglifts and then boot camp was more HIIT and body weight resistance exercises.  Crossfit marries the two and then has its own special brand of stronger, badass offspring, but I decided to take the plunge and sign up since I still have a month before I start training for the full.

So last week was my first full week of crossfit.  It was fairly okay, the guys there are just ridiculously hot, the girls there are ridiculously hot.  I feel very much out of my element. They are also VERY enthusiastic with high fives, great jobs, and thumbs up all the way around which is really weird for me.  I tend to do better with less feedback not more.  Or feedback that tells me what to do to improve versus just a pat on the back because to be honest I have A LOT of room for improvement. So I'll list what we are doing/have done in three lists, from what I can tell there is still 8 trillion exercises I haven't even been introduced to yet.    

In Comfort Zone
* Pushups
* Situps
* Running
* Jumprope (singles only I haven't even attempted double unders)
* Walking lunges
* Air Squats
* Deadlifts
* Kettlebell Swings
* Burpees (loathe them but can do them with ease)
* Some kind of tabata timed rolly core work out (hmmm wonder if this needs to go in the "closer" category since I don't know the name)

Getting Closer to the "Zone"
* Overhead squats (this is a kinda though cause I'm comfortable with weighted overhead squats but the squat racks are a bit weird for me cause to be honest mine at home was always already set up for me so I didn't have to fiddle with it)
* Wallballs (okay again it was new for me but I took to it rather easily) 
* Pistol Squats (with box/band assistance so kinda) 
* Box Jumps (super easy but freaks me out a little I feel kind like its an injury waiting to happen)
* Press
* Push Press

Not even in the same region of the country as the in the comfort "Zone"
* Power Cleans
* Jerks
* Snatches
* Ring Dips
* Pullups
* Knees to Elbows
* Handstand Pushup (I can't even do a handstand how in the world am I going to do a pushup?)

I'm sure I'll be adding more to all three lists and hopefully at some point I become more comfortable with it all.  I have been researching different marathon plans but if I do a 20 week plan with a couple of buffer weeks (I like to schedule those just in case I need rest or life gets in the way) I will be starting training mid-May.  For the first part of the training I should be fine with crossfit, but once I hit the higher mileage I'm not sure if I'll be able to do both.  I'll have to see what happens.  Do you have something you are doing out of your comfort zone?  What do you do to crosstrain?  Wanna help me find a marathon plan that works perfectly for me?  Just kidding, kinda, on the last one.  ;) 

Lake Minneola Half Recap

I really should do recaps shortly after a race.  After my last race with this race organizer I seriously didn't expect much.  WELL they stepped it up! Still left a few things to be desired, but SO much better than the Orange Blossom Half.  I arrived what I thought was late, but ended up being early because they had several different times posted. I had a chance to wear my Half Fanatic shirt in honor of the victims and residents of Boston.  (I know I didn't blog my feelings about the tragedy, suffice to say it was very difficult for me to process much less put into words).  There were TONS of HF in their blue and yellow outfits!  They were all AWESOME and nice and one of them took race pics of us. Seldom will you see race pics of me for 2 major reasons.  1. I look horrible while I run.  Seriously half the time it looks like I'm walking the other half of the time I look like I have ZERO coordination and I'm not a huge fan of pics without makeup and not a fan of wearing makeup when running or during athletics so see the vicious cycle?  The second reason is because race pics require a second mortgage on my home to be able to afford them and I feel to pay that much for pictures to chronicle that I look like I'm walking with no makeup on and have the coordination of a newborn fawn would be silly.  If they start offering airbrushed race pics that make me look sleek and as fast as a Kenyan I will start saving my pennies.

Taken by a fab HF member.  Thats me in the middle looking like I just learned how to use my limbs.

The race had more water stops (though one was completely unmanned), and had rest stops which the previous race did not.  I generally don't stop when racing or running, but this event was a bit different.  I "started" yes ma'am Aunt Flo came to town...while running 13.1 miles in a yellow skirt. Shut the front door Mother Nature...why?  Such a cruel joke.  I started cramping horrifically around mile 11.  Luckily, I'm pretty positive that the race wasn't measured well and it was more like 12.75 miles so I crossed the finish line, grabbed my bling, and my extra medal for doing both Orange Blossom and Lake Minneola took one pic and headed to the nearest convenience store for provisions, including maximum strength midol.  

See, here I am pretending that I'm not cramping horribly.

Last side note it was COLD for Florida in April which I'm seriously grateful for because a lot of the race was in the open road and it would have been really hot!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

So Here Goes

Okay so with new accountability come the fact that I have to track tangible differences.

I am up on the body weight scale to 166lbs
BMI        26
Fat%       33
Muscle% 30
BMR     1521
Body Age 37

All of those were according to my Omron Body Fat Scale.  I know they are probably imperfect but I want to have a gauge of where I'm at.

My measurements have been recorded and are logged on MFP so I can keep track of those and my weight there.  There isn't a place for the Omron findings over there so thats why I'm posting here.  I believe my muscle percentage has gone up quite a bit affecting my overall weight but I still need to get my fat % down.  So I'll leave this quick entry with I've got some work to do!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Loathe the Scale

I have been stuck like Chuck at the same weight for I don't know...forever.  Its been okay because I'm really focusing on non weight based goals, BUT a few weeks ago in boot camp I had an ephiphany.  We had to run sprints with 10lb weights. WOW it was a huge difference.  Just those extra 10 lbs were killing my quads and slowed me down.  I knew right there that I needed to focus again.  HOWEVER, I love running, but it does nothing to help your appetite control.  Quite the contrary I'm virtually always hungry.  That said its an excuse.  I'm not the first runner that needed to lose weight while increasing the mileage.  So I know it can be done.  I just haven't done it.  One serving of mixed nuts quickly become 3 and don't get me started on nut butters.  Spoon meet Jar....thats all it needs to blow any kind of calorie deficit.  So today on the day that I'm already grounded from my run because of glute pain I decide to step on the scale. NOT PRETTY!  I had a very high salt diet yesterday so I'm going to weigh in again in the morning, but at that time I plan on resetting my MFP weight ticker and measure again.  I need to hold myself accountable and both of those will help.  I'm also planning on taking pictures to hopefully post on the blog of my meals and snacks.  I feel that being able to visually see them at the end of the day will be a good reminder of everything I ate and help again to hold me accountable.  We will see how this pans out.  

Non Running Spouses of Runners Anonymous

I have to dedicate this blog post to my most amazing husband.  He is virtually perfect with the exception that he hasn't fallen in love with running yet.  He swears it will never happen, but I continue to hold out hope that the seductive siren's song of running will ensnare him.  That said, although running is not his passion, hobby, or remotely an activity that he enjoys I am well aware that it has consumed more hours of his life than he ever planned for.  I'm actually surprised that he still hasn't yet said that in his vows when he said for better or worse there was no mention of running in the clause.

Yep don't lie you know you have stayed up late, taken a long lunch break, or woke up earlier than usual to register for that coveted race entry spot.  Having a husband willing to participate in the process is just the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae.

  • Most importantly Saturday mornings are no longer meant for cuddling in and lazy trips around town.  They are now reserved for early before break of dawn training runs.  So non-running spouses are left (not so quietly in my case cause I may tons of noise in the morning) to sleep in alone, then left to hold down the fort, ie make me breakfast for when I get back from the long run. 
  • Having to listen or pretend to listen ad nauseum of our latest training run, PR, group run, running world article, blisters caused by running, whining about not running fast enough, gloating about having the best run ever, running socks, shoes, shorts, skirts, bras, tanks, sleeves, hats, fuel belts, fueling options, lengths of runs, the sun being too hot, the conditions being too cold, too rainy, too humid, too dry, too windy, etc.  SEE A PATTERN?!?! Dear God I need to give my husband a medal.  I don't know how he puts up with it.  
  • Having to share your spouse with another lover.  Yes I said it.  Running is another lover.  Its like cheating on your spouse, but then regaling them with tales about how great it is.  I love my husband in that I know I am the luckiest girl in the world, but running swooped into my life and has without a doubt become "the other" relationship. 
  • Rubbing new places of aches.  This blog entry came to mind when I was bemoaning skipping another run on my fitness facebook page because of horrible glute pain.  One of my friends chirped in with have your hubby rub your butt.  She is a runner.  To non-runners that would seem insane because really who wants your hubby looking at your naked cellulite butt or it would be considered foreplay.  Now to a runner...that seems completely like a brilliant idea.  I've had him rub my feet, calves, quads, and now tonight I will ask my husband to rub down my ass.  Yes I said that.  Nope its not even remotely sexy.  I literally need him to rub my ass cheek.  DEAR GOD?!?! Okay the man needs more than a medal.  
  • Waking up at crack ass of dawn to go watch someone take off from a start line, mill around for a couple of hours and then come back to watch them come through the finish line.  Literally for most races you have to get up 2-3 hours before the start time.  So your support base gets to see you all of 5 minutes when crossing both the start and finish lines.  With the exception of 2 races my husband has done that for every race.  
  • All of the above as horrific as it may seem is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in comparison to having to deal with a running spouse that is on the injured list.  At that point I think it is best advised that non-running spouses take up a hobby that involves drinking and preferably not at home.  Also before leaving for your new hobby at the bar hide all sharp objects.  A wounded runner should be treated very much like a wounded wild animal.  Be careful for they are unpredictable.  My husband has seen me go through crying that I'll never be able to run again and life as I know it has ceased to exist to planning on how to get better to roaring with anger because EVERYONE else in the entire world can run except me.  If nothing else us runners are dramatic and might consider if we have time next time we are injured participating in a local theater play to vent that kind of crazy.  

I'm sure there are plenty more and in the future I may add to this blog entry, but all in all I think I covered the majority of the craziness that I have asked my husband to put up with.  I do want him to know he is quite possibly the most amazing man I could ever have in my life and that what he does for me is not unseen.  Behind every great (or in my case middle of the pack not so great runner) is a FANTASTIC supportive and loving spouse.  Thank you El Ray for being mine.  Also resistance is futile...come over to the dark side so that we can rub each other's feet after long runs.